The Battle of State & Local Emergency Orders in Maryland, April 2020

During the present COVID-19 health emergency...

Municipal Emergency Powers in Maryland, April 2020

Along with the Governor, every local government in Maryland has the potential to exercise local emergency powers.

Municipal Maryland, February 2012

Protecting Your Municipal Streets from Utility Cuts and Substandard Repairs


Handout from workshop entitled, "THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS AS IT RELATES

Municipal Maryland, January 2010

What Happens if an Applicant Disputes the Payment of a Licensing Fee

Municipal Maryland, March 2008

Questions and Answers

Municipal Maryland, December 2006

Does Your City or Town Need Local Land Use Approval to Develop Land for a Public Building or Facility?

Municipal Maryland, December 2004

Administrative Searches and Inspections by Municipal Code Enforcement Officers

Municipal Maryland, March 2004

Trees, People and the Law

Municipal Maryland, December 2003

Maryland Municipal Recall Elections

Municipal Maryland, February 2003

A Model Format for Maryland Municipal Ordinances

Municipal Maryland, April 2002

The Meaning of 'Contiguous and Adjoining' Requirements by Maryland Annexation Law

Municipal Maryland, July/August 2002

Dual Offices of Profit

Municipal Maryland, February 2001

Municipal Elections

Municipal Maryland, January 2000

Property Tax Credits

Municipal Maryland, April 1999

Questions and Answers