Legal Services Offered

For governmental clients, Mr. Best provides general counsel services to Maryland municipalities; he has seen first-hand the fiscal, operational, legislative and administrative limitations that many Maryland municipal corporations have sought to overcome. Mr. Best has substantial experience in general municipal law, ordinance drafting, contracts, negotiations, public personnel, Open Meetings Act and Public Information Act proceedings, ethics, annexation, public utility law, litigation, subdivision issues, LEOBR (Law Enforcement Officer Bill of Rights), code enforcement, speed camera regulations and litigation, land use issues, zoning and environmental law.

For private clients, Mr. Best provides legal services in the area of land use and zoning law, business law, real property, debt collections, community associations, litigation, landlord-tenant law and guardianship.

Since 1996, Kevin J. Best has been committed to municipal government in Maryland. He is dedicated to providing cities and towns with personal, innovative, proactive, and economical legal services such as:

  • Annexations
  • Board and Commission Counsel
  • Budgeting Requirements
  • Building Permits
  • Cable TV Franchises
  • Charter Amendments
  • Community Safety Cameras
  • Construction Contracts
  • Employment Agreements
  • Employment Manuals
  • Ethics Ordinances
  • Formula Business Ordinances
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Intergovernmental Relations
  • Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights
  • Litigation
  • Main Street Realignment
  • Workforce Reductions
  • Municipal Infractions
  • Mutual Aid Agreements
  • Open Meetings
  • Ordinance Codification
  • Parking Citations
  • Police General Orders
  • Procurement Policies
  • Public Information Requests
  • Real Property Disputes
  • Rental Unit Licensing
  • Speed Camera Permits
  • State Legislation
  • Surplus Property Disposal
  • Unsafe Buildings
  • Variances and Departures
  • Zoning and Planning

Kevin J. Best has served as President of the Board of Directors of a Homeowners Association and as legal counsel to homeowners and community associations. Mr. Best has handled covenant disputes, enforcement matters, easements, collections, bylaws revisions, declaration amendments, board governance, tax exemption filings, assessments, and a myriad of issues dealing with these quasi-government entities. Community association law draws on the concepts of real estate, corporate, municipal, and constitutional law, and is heavily influenced by case law. The Law Office of Kevin J. Best is uniquely tailored to focus on these practice areas.